About Ginny

Although we have known Ginny since her birth, she only came to live with us last year. She is our second Aussie, and we expect her to take a bigger part in handling our life stock once she is better trained. She has great interest in sheep and cattle, shows wonderful flanks and is very biddable. Beside herding, she loves to hoard shoes or rearrange them on the floor. She is our guard dog – a task which she takes seriously. She is the only dog in the house that prefers to sleep in a basket rather than a cozy bed, and she is very specific about her living arrangements. She doesn’t like traveling and therefore stays with my parents when the rest of us spends time on the road.



  • Breeder: Spotted Horse Ranch Aussies
  • DOB March 24, 2012
  • out of SHR Tuff Cowgirl STD cs DNA-VP „Kate“ & WTCH Slash V Cicero RD DNA-VP „Tully“
  • red bi
  • long tail
  • MDR 1, HSF 4 free by parentage
  • DM (SOD1) free
  • HD A
  • ED free
  • full scissors bite (until she crashed into a horse’s hoof)