During the years, our ‚zoo‘ grew, and now there are sheep, ducks, geese and chicken a part of our life. We own Ouessant sheep, Coburg fox sheep and mixed breed sheep that are on the pay roll for rural conservation. Some of them have really grown on us and will surely die of old age.


Beside 3 Marans and mixed breed chicken, we own about twenty Brahma. They might not be the brightest candles on the cake, but they are funny as hell. The Brahma have absolutely no respect for personal space – you can even take and cuddle them. The ducks are a different story – they neither care for human company nor the company of chicken or geese. Therefore, they live in the gardens where they do what ducks do – go for a swim, and eat snails and greens. The geese keep watch of the smaller meadows and inform us of trespassing rascals which can be a pest at times.

Marans  Gänse