About Shadow

Shadow comes from Nabarun Aussies and is fully named „Nabarun’s Shadow of the Moon“ – a name that couldn’t be more fitting. Usually, his nose starts where mine stops, although he can be pretty independent. When I came across his breeder, I didn’t expect to find a dog like him. He wouldn’t even cast a sidelong glance at me yet seek contact, but he had – and still has – the most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen in a dog, and I instantly fell in love with the pup.

Shadow klein

Shadow has become my loyal companion who helps at work, accompanies me on a day to day base, and works our life stock. He isn’t fully trained yet, which is entirely my fault, but I can say that he exhibited talent countless times. He is doing especially well with cattle, but also works sheep, ducks and geese. He and Luna are my only dogs able to gather even the chicken into their stable plus he helps rising bottle fed lambs.

  • Breeder: Nabarun Aussies
  • out of S Bar L Rose Dunnit DNA-VP „Boots“ & WTCH Slash V S Bar L Basque OTDdsc DNA-VP „Basque“
  • DOB March 30, 2010
  • black bi
  • long tail
  • MDR and HSF4 free by parentage
  • DM (SOD 1) carrier
  • HD B, ED free
  • full scissors bite